Yishu Wang is a visual artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She utilizes making art as a way to examine the geographic surrounding where she living with. Yishu’s works have an expressionistic use of line and color to explore the painting’s boarder of representation and abstraction. In order to bring the sequence and storytelling to each series, Yishu has worked on paper with multiple medium including not only painting and printmaking, but also book art and mix media installation. 

Yishu’s arts have included in numerous public and private collection including the China Printmaking Museum at Shenzhen China, Honglu Museum of China at Hangzhou China, Manhattan Graphics Center New York NY. 

Yishu received her MFA degree in Printmaking in 2015, MA degree in Painting in 2012. Selected great and residencies include Kala Art Institute at Berkeley, and Cubberley Artist Studio Program at Palo Alto.